Aracoma Church of God

This is the Aracoma Church of God Lady's Sunday School Class

From left to right in the first row.   Bessie Jefferies, Sis. Peterson, Mollie White, Florance (Duck) Hill, Sis. Gee, Sis. Viars, Sis. Williamson, Susan Foley.    Second row, Left to right, Fonnie Wilson Richards, Ona Gartin, Sis. Conley, Virgie Wilson, Sis Kathryn Thurston, Hattie Adams, Sis Hale, Sis Kinder, Sis Frye, Sis Hugel, Sarah Skeens.  Third row, left to right, Ethel Ellis, Sis Winters, Sis McCloud, Sis Carter, Sis Pelfry, Nellie (with Sis Thurston), Sis Bennett and Sis Skeens.

Men's Sunday School Class

1st Row: Jess Jeffrey, Unknown, Luther Gartin, Unknown, Bro. Peterson, Herbert Carter, Unknown
2nd Row: Bro Cole, Bor Frye, the next three unknown, Bro Pulfrey, Bro Hale, Bro Pulfrey, Unknown
3rd Row: Unknown, Waldo Hugle, Bro Carter, Bro Cox, Red (Jack) Foley, Bro Hale, Pastor, Bro Queen, Aubrey Ellis



Older Church of God Photos

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