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A missionary and his fellow-worker were once witnessing a great religious parade in India. A bone of Buddha had been found and was being presented to the city with fanatical fervor. Thousands prostrated themselves before the ancient relic, bowing themselves in the dust. The missionary, turning to his friend, remarked, "What a striking evidence is this of the difference between the two faiths. If any part of the body of Jesus were to be found it would cause, not rejoicing, but dismay, for it would show that he had not risen from the dead."

Easter proclaims the message of the open and empty tomb of Christ and heralds the news to the far reaches of earth and to all man-kind that Christ has won an everlasting victory over death, hell, and the grave. This victory is for all of His faithful followers, for we hear Him say, "As I live, ye shall live also."

Ralph Chambers-March 14, 1978


Time after time sorrowing loved ones have heard these comforting words of Christ at the funeral of their beloved, and time after time they have projected their hope of happiness to some unknown future date when the resurrection of the dead will take place. I am glad for this message of hope for future happiness and like others who have lost loved ones, I look forward to reunion with them in that City of God where the former things have passed away and sin, death, sickness and sorrow will be no more. Even if there were no more than this, it would be worth any sacrifice we might make for Christ. But, there is infinitely more. Jesus also said, "I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly."

It is said that Lord Byron, who had sated his soul with every known pleasure of sin, was found one day in deep depression. When asked by a friend what thoughts he had that caused such melancholy, he replied, "In all of my life I have lived but nine happy days and I was wondering if I could possibly make it ten." To Lord Byron and to every sinner, imprisoned by sin emaciated by sinful, harmful habits, bored with life and discouraged of ever finding true and lasting happiness in this world, Christ wants to bring a spiritual resurrection thru the new birth that will destroy the guilt and power of sin, break the shackles of sinful habits and bring lasting joy and peace for this world as well as the world to come.

Yes, Jesus is the resurrection and the Life and He wants to give you life more abundantly now and in the world to come, everlasting life thru the new birth. Have you been born again?

-Ralph Chambers -March 29, 1973


Sailing in and out of the ports of England, a sailing vessel earned herself the unbelievable reputation of always colliding with other ships in the harbor. Because of this ability to always get into trouble at the expense of her owners, she earned herself the nickname of "Old Bust em Up."

One day, "Old Bust Em Up" was seen entering Portsmouth harbor and all eye's followed her course, wondering what she would bump into this trip. To the glad surprise and wonderment of everyone, "Old Bust Em Up" sailed gracefully through the harbor traffic to her moorage without a single incident. In answer to inquiry, it was found that "Old Bust Em Up" had been sold by her despairing owners and with the change of ownership she now had a new pilot that could handle her.

As we enter the Lenten Season that leads us to Good Friday and Easter, let us remember the futile efforts of man to satisfactorily keep the commandments of God in his own strength. We see some of the despair of God with the Israelites in Jesus' denunciation of the Scribes and Pharisee-"Whited sepulchers, full of dead man's bones" and "Oh, ye hypocrites" indicate Jesus' appraisal of man in his carnal nature trying to steer a straight and safe course over the sea of life. Man needed a new owner, a new pilot.

By the sacrificial offering of Himself Christ purchases "Old Bust Em Up" mankind from his master, sin, and then through His in-dwelling Holy Spirit, He takes the helm of our ship of life.

Christ was "tempted in all points as we are" and if we leave Him completely in control of our life, he will guide us through the storms and trials of life and into that "Haven of Rest" to the soul.

Yes, Jesus came to take the helm of the religious life of Israel and they rejected Him just as multiplies millions more have done. Many today, who once had Christ at the helm of life, have insisted on steering a course of compromise and like "Old Bust Em Up" have made a wreck of their life. They may say that they belong to God and Christ is their Pilot but the course of worldliness and sin clearly indicates that Christ, but the course of worldliness and sin clearly indicates that Christ, who knew no sin, is no longer in control of their "Ship of Life."

Let us check the course of our life this Lenten Season by our compass, God's word and the Holy Spirit. Are you on course? Is Christ fully in control of the helm of your life? Are you in trouble spiritually? Let Christ, the Pilot of the soul, have complete charge and he will steer you safely through the storms of life and into the Haven of Rest.

March 1971

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