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A question was recently asked on why screenwriters feel they have to place profanity in their work. The answer...."Studios want movies that have violence and foul language so that they can get an "R" rating ("thus attracting teenagers who shun PG and PG-13 movies, seeing them as a sign of immaturity"). Also, movie goers use profanity and they don't mind profanity cropping up in the movies. Profanity is so accepted as a way of life that it has begun to make it's way into primetime TV". The final line ended with "not only is this tacky, but it cheapens us as a nation and a people".

The sad thing is we have Christian people who go to these movies or rent these movies on video and they listen to this ungodly garbage being spouted at them and it never fazes them! They are living a life in total denial. Their philosophy is, "Well, we enjoy this. It's an escape from the pressures and trials of life. So leave us alone. We no longer want to be a separated people for Christ. We want to be loved by everyone and if that means lowering our standards to be accepted and to fit in, we are willing to do it".

My friends, we have been brainwashed by society and we don't have enough of the desire for God in us to fight our way back to the lifestyle God intended us to live. We need to set some Godly standards for ourselves. We need to say, "Hey! This may be a good movie, but I refuse to sit and listen to the filth that is coming out of those people's mouths. I don't talk like that, God doesn't want me to talk like that and I refuse to let this language come into my mind or my home!" Friends, we can't seem to comprehend that our minds are not like a computer. We can't input trash into our minds and then delete it. It stays there eating away at our moral integrity, opening us up to the filth and degradation of the world. What we put into our minds, our hearts, our souls, is what will come out.

Not long ago the homosexuals came out of the closet, proclaiming to the world who they were and what they believed. Isn't it about time for Christians to come out of the closet? Isn't it time we stood up for who we are and what we believe? Isn't it about time we began to question why we watch some of the things we do? I truly believe that's God's tolerance with us is almost to an end. He has let us dabble with the world. He has let us play how close can we get to the world. But just as God set a standard for the Israelites and judged them, He is going to judge us. We need to take serious the fear of sin's consequences and take an incentive step toward repentance and Godly living.

  • "They were not at all ashamed, nor did they know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall." Jeremiah 8:12

Love and Prayers, Kathy




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