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I Was Wrong

By Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker's book, "I Was Wrong," was a great eye opener. It greatly influenced my former opinions concerning our criminal justice system and prisons. Formerly I took the view that the United States was too easy on criminals, that criminals deserved no special consideration and I had the attitude, "they deserve what they get." 

After reading Jim's book, however, my opinions greatly changed. First of all, not everyone sent to prison in our society is a hardened, dangerous, threat to the public safety. Not only Jim but others he met during his duration in prison, were actually very normal everyday, the guy next door types. I wondered many times as I read and cried along with Jim, what were they doing there? 

Before going on further, I want to state that although I have seen the former PTL club a few times, I was not a regular supporter, or a regular listener. I was not for nor against PTL. Concerning the ministry of PTL, my feelings were neutral.

When Jim Bakker was arrested, however, I watched with horror as Jim was publically handcuffed, humiliated, and in great despair. My heart ached. My thoughts at the time was, "What did he do? Surely he did not deserve this." After reading his book and viewing things from his point of view, I realize that my feelings at the time were correct. This man did not deserve the treatment he got from the media, the justice system or the trial judge who presided over his case.

Jim tells all in his book. He makes bare his whole soul. One who reads this will laugh, cry and experience everything that he experienced. It is one book that has you glued to the pages, without wanting to put it down. He admits mistakes, forgives all who oppose him, and is very open and candid. One thing though, he never once admitted guilt to anything for which he was brought to trial. 

Jim brings out the peril of getting so busy, even in good works that prayer life and relationship with the Lord suffers. It may cause one to miss God's will in our lives. He also warns against the so-called "prosperity doctrine" of which he preached himself at times. In prison, through study of scriptures, he concludes that the prosperity message was false.

In conclusion, I have come to discover that it is good to hear both sides of any story or event. Never should we take the word of the main stream media. Unfortunately, they are not always out for truth but for a "story." Some even have their own political agendas or harbor their own pet discriminations. I recommend reading "I Was Wrong," to hear Jim's account of his story. 


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