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Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. Isn't that wonderful to know in an ever changing world? We know that no matter how our circumstances change, or the people around us change, Jesus will never change. We can cling to the knowledge that even if the people we have placed our confidence in change to please the world, Jesus will be a stable influence in our lives. They may even change to please those around them and become people pleasers only, but Jesus will never change.

Friends, I hope as the coming of the Lord draws closer that we will seek God as never before. Satan is out to deceive us. He is using so many subtle tricks these days and so many are being pulled into his web. We think positions, fame and wealth are going to guarantee us a place in heaven, but how wrong we are! We think we can live with one foot in the world and God will approve. We use the excuse these days that to win people to the Lord we have to look like them, dress like them, act like them, smell like them, go to where they go, listen to what they listen, watch what they watch and do what they do. But, oh, how wrong we are!

Because, guess what? We suddenly are no longer setting a Christian example. We are basically saying in these days that you don't have to be any different to serve God. If I'm a country singer who gives my heart to God, then shouldn't I leave the bars and the lyrics that deal with smoking, drinking, bar room brawls, adultery and fornication behind me and begin to sing a new song to the Lord using my talents for Him? Of course we should! But, yet, more and more of our Christian communities are bringing in the country singers who are still continuing to sing their music for satan.

And what does the Christian community say? They say, keep on singing your trash, maybe you'll be a light in the midst of darkness. What a lie!!!! Let's get real people! The only reason they say this is so they can make money off of their names. Let's bring in the famous stars who claim salvation, but at the same time, if we treat them nice enough and not make them give up anything, we surely can make good money off of their reputation and name. May God have mercy upon our souls!!

But, if these people can continue in their line of work, then shouldn't a prostitute get saved and continue to be a prostitute? I mean, she could witness to all those men who just haven't found the perfect wife yet. That is why they go to those women, isn't it? Or, maybe the satanist could get saved and still have his satanic ceremonies and offer a chance to talk about the Lord every now and then. Or, even more, how about strippers? Couldn't strippers get saved and continue strip and just throw tracts out to all those perverted men in the audience?

My friends, it is ludicrous to try to change our morals around to fit the world into our churches. Why can't the world be the one to change? But, as time goes by, we will all find that we will change. Our friends will change. Our family will change. And hopefully it will be change for the better and not the worse. But, Jesus, our wonderful Saviour, will always be the same. He didn't change yesterday. He didn't change today. And He won't change tomorrow!

Love, Kathy

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This was written quite a few years ago but it is still true today. 


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