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We will soon be extremely conscious of two household gadgets, that occupy a prominent place in our homes in the wintertime-the thermometer and the thermostat. These gadgets serve two important functions in making our modern homes comfortable. The thermometer tells us what the temperature is. We can sit and look at that thermometer from now on and other than telling us how cold we are, it does not do a solitary thing for our comfort. The thermostat, however, is hooked with our heating system and when the temperature drops (if you've had your furnace checked, repaired and fueled) will turn the furnace on until the temperature reaches what we have set our thermostat at.

People can be either a thermometer or a thermostat in regards to conditions in this world. As a thermometer some folk are very good at pointing out the things that are wrong but don't trouble themselves about trying to change them.

Happily, we have some folk who are like thermostats, after they are properly informed they set about trying to correct the wrongs. Which one are you?

I understand that New Cumberland area will have a local option vote on the sale of intoxicating liquors in the coming election. Of course the outcome will be determined by the amount of votes cast for or against this issue. If the voters who are against it are content to keep still about the whole matter and not try to influence others to vote against legalizing the sale of intoxicants, our chances of winning are lessened. And if we fail to vote on election days we will further increase the chances of the Wets to win.

It is an authenticated fact that the tax revenue from the sale of intoxicants amounts to less than one third of the direct cost of compensating for the damage that is caused by this poisonous asp. Add the Costs that are genuine but difficult to set a figure on, and the cost will approximate seven dollars to each dollar of revenue derived from tax. CAN YOU SAY THAT THIS IS GOOD BUSINESS-TO SPEND SEVEN DOLLARS TO EARN ONE? Add to the dollar loss the toll in wrecked homes, ruined lives and the cost in lost health and lives and the cost is too great to even consider. YOUR Thermometer has spoken. Now, get out and work to defeat this move by the Liquor Industry to ruin our community with its poisonous dens of iniquity.

AND TO ALL: Let's not be content to merely know and grumble about things that are wrong in society. LET'S DO SOMETHING!!

September 1971


At the present time the parsonage is undergoing a transformation in appearance on the outside. It is really going to look nice when it is done. Anyone will be able to see this that happens to pass by. But, what about the inside? Well, I have been hearing a lot about rugs that need cleaned and walls washed down, some painting to be done, some old furniture that needs replaced etc. So, it looks like the Chambers have some work ahead of them.

Now our lives are like the parsonage, and the outside may appear to be clean and beautiful. But what about the inside? Only the individual knows the needs of the inner life. We may have faith, hope, love and all of the fruits of the Spirit but maybe they need renewed and brightened up. Perhaps there is some of the furniture that belonged to our old life (jealousy, malice, hatred, prejudice etc.) that we need to get rid of completely. Sure, we may hide these things from our fellowman under the exterior of a form of godliness, but remember, God sees the inside.
Well Paul, you sure had some good advice for the church at Corinth. I wonder how many really took you seriously? Did they change their life?

Sept. 16, 1978


The story has been told repeatedly of the incident from which we have chosen our text. Briefly the story is: The disciples and Christ were crossing the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was asleep in the hinder part of the boat. A great storm arose and they were in imminent danger of the boat sinking with all on board. In their fear the disciples rushed to the sleeping Christ and awakened Him with the words of our text. Jesus arose and spoken calmly to the winds and the waves and all was well.

One of our Gospel songs asks the question, "Does Jesus care? And in the refrain answers with an emphatic affirmative, "Oh, yes, He cares. I know He cares. His heart is touched with my grief. "Truly, it is a wonderful thing to know that Jesus does Care for us in our times of distress. Many know Him as the Balm of Giliad that has healed their broken hearts. Yes, Jesus does care and listens intently to our call for help.

In the month of May, we recognized the home, remembered our dead, honored our graduates, and remembered Wesley's heart-warming experience at Aldersgate. On these special days, recognized that Jesus does care about the home, those who sorrow, the problems and needs of our graduates, and man's need of assurance of salvation. But what about the Church? Is it not the body of Christ?

Doesn't His Spirit dwell within it? As the body of Christ, do we not have a responsibility to demonstrate our care for our fellow man when they hurt or where they need help?

Jesus answered the cry of the disciples by doing something immediately to insure their safety. He made no effort to delay help until he had finished his nap. They got help immediately, Dare we do less for homes? For those who sorrow? For our students who face the complex problems of adult life? Or those who, like Wesley, yearn for salvation? If you listen with your heart, Christian friend, I think you will hear the world about you asking the question of our text: "Carest thou not that we perish?"

June 1, 1978

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