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Traditionally, June is the month of weddings and many couples will stand before the altars of our churches and pledge their love and loyalty to each other until death. Unfortunately, one out of every three marriages are headed for the divorce courts and the ultimate severance of those sacred vows that they took before God and man and the subsequent evils that inevitably follow the breaking of any of our vows to God. Maybe it would be well for all of us to look at those vows that we took.

What did we promise to do?? Below is a portion of the traditional wedding vows: "I will have this (Woman) (Man) to be my wedded (Wife) (Husband) to live together in the holy state of matrimony, to love (her)(him), comfort (her)(him), honor and keep (her)(him) in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, keep only unto (her)(him) so long as we shall live." "I take (her)(him) to be my lawful wedded (wife, husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my faith." Now, let all married couples repeat together "I, (name) take thee (name) to be---" "until death us do part."

May 31, 1974


Autumn has come and as though in obedience to it's Creator, all of Nature has begun to lay aside the gay garments of Summer for the more somber robes of Fall. The long rest of Winter is approaching and Nature, as though in obedience to the Divine command, hastens to obey. We, who have watched the seasons come and go, know that at the appropriate time of year the Divine voice will again command and Nature will come forth from it's long sleep and once more will robe itself in the gay colors of Spring and Summer.

The Master spoke with such authority that His hearers were to confess "Never man spake as this man spake." He spoke and the leper was healed, the blind received sight, the deaf received their hearing, the dumb spake, the demon possessed man was cleansed and restored to his right mind. He spake and the winds and the waves were calm.

The Master spake and men forsook all that they had and followed Him. Why? Was it not because He spoke with authority and power? But Jesus not only spoke by sweet Galilee of yesteryears, He speaks today in tones and tenderest love to the children of men who will pause to listen. In spite of all claims to the contrary, His power and authority has not been abrogated by analyzers and critics.

No, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He changes not. Revival time is here and we are expecting great things of God as men are made aware of His presence and give heed to His voice. We are expecting to see the spiritually dead brought back to life, the dying revived, and those who are spiritually alive to be made more abundantly alive. Christ speaks today through His Word as spoken or read. He speaks through the lives of consecrated Christians. He speaks as saints pray for their loved ones and neighbors. Through the Holy Spirit, Christ speaks by these and other means. Christian friend, will you let Him speak to you and cast out that habit or sin that prevents you from being what you ought to be? Will you let Him speak through you as you witness to others by your testimony of life and word?

Truly, "Never man spake as this man", but only those who hear and obey are blessed. Christ says "Follow Me" and walks toward Calvary. But, thank God beyond Calvary and the tomb lies eternal bliss in that City of God where the former things have passes away.

September 26, 1967


Fall is upon us and much of a bountiful harvest has been reaped by those who labored to sow and cultivate the seed. Some fields yielded less than others and some fields yielded nothing because they were not seeded down. In the parable of the sower and the seeds, Jesus pointed out the importance of the type of soil on which the seed was sown. The crop yield was accredited to the condition of the soil and no blame or credit is given to the sower. His part was to scatter the seed and the results was left up to the soil and the elements. Keeping in mind that the seed is the Word of God, the soil is the heart of man, and the fruit is the salvation of souls, we see the importance of the sower. Without him there could be no fruitage or harvest.

Who are the sowers? It is you and I and every born-again Christian. We must sow and we must cultivate. The Holy Spirit germinates and causes the seed to grow. The harvest is the end of this dispensation of grace.

We sow the seed by witnessing thru the testimony of word and deeds. This is our part and to this we must be faithful if we are to bring sheaves of souls to the Lord of the Harvest. Some will bring more than others because their abilities and opportunities have been greater, I am convinced that the number of souls saved thru our labors isn't the criteria by which we will be judged but our faithfulness in sowing the Word of God. Are you being a faithful sower? If not why not? Remember the harvest depends primarily upon the sower.

September 22, 1977

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