by Ralph Chambers


A common site in many of our natural caverns is the inverted icicle-type of formation known as the stalagmite. Naturalists tell us that these formations result from a mineral deposit in water that drips from the cavern roof each day. Day after day and year after year, the process continues.

Each tiny drop of water with its infinismal load of minerals adds its bit to the slowly increasing stature of the stalagmite. If that drip from the roof of the cavern were to stop for a day, two days or for a longer period of time the growth of the stalagmite would halt until the drip resumed. If the drip never resumed, the stalagmite would cease to grow and become subject to the elements of nature that would cause deterioration.

Every born-again Christian receives grace and strength for his spiritual growth from above. God gives liberally of His grace and mercy to all who will keep themselves humble and willing to His blessed will. The stalagmite has nothing to say about its destiny. It simply remains in its appointed place and takes what is given to it from above. But as free moral agents, we have a choice of availing ourselves of all the blessings that God has to give or refusing to accept the wondrous benefits of His love thru every means of grace available. Many professing Christians have taken themselves out of the will of God and are longer availing themselves of the means of grace available through Christ our Lord.

Their seat in the Worship Service, Sunday School and Prayer Meeting is vacant. Their lives give evidence that they have ceased to grow and have become subject to the deteriorate influence of worldly ambitions and desires. Sinful habits are taking the place of holy practices. Their life is no longer a testimony to the saving and keeping power of God. They have come to a stale-mate in their fight against evil and their struggle for Christian maturity.

Peter exhorts us to "grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ." Where does this Newsletter of our pastorate find you in you relationship with God? Remember what Jesus said to the lukewarm Church at Laodicea? Will you hear Him say to you as He said to the Laodicean Church, "Because you are luke-warm I will spue thee out of my mouth."

January 27, 1970


This is a very familiar part of our Savior's promise to us. This we like to hear, for we know the rest of the promise is if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you -- do we notice the words come again. Is He a part of your life that you might say come in? This we ought to want above everything our eyes and hearts behold. When he does come, can we say we are ready and happy for his coming?

Some have been known to say, "I don't really care if I have a mansion, just so I make it in," but here again, we see that in His Father's House are the many mansions, which would signify the mansions are only on the inside and everyone would have a mansion that entered the Father's house.

This, I believe, would only be for those who have accepted Him by yielding to his forgiving grace. We must be born again. We must confess and forsake our sins by His power only then can we enter the Father's House. Now to do this on our own is impossible but if we trust in Him he is able to help us to obey. Mistakes though we may make, He will give us power to overcome.

Won't you trust his love today? Kneel down where you are and confess your faults and failures, then I am sure the words, "In My Father's house" will mean a great more to you. God bless and help each of you in you decision to trust Him now.
January 1972


Isaiah 28:2 As I crossed Connotton Creek this morning, I noticed that the flood waters had subsided and the creek was well within its banks. This set me to thinking of the benefits and blessings of these seasonal floods.

During seasons of drier weather, when the stream is more shallow and sluggish, silt builds up in the channel of the stream, leaves, small sticks, and man's discarded wastes collect along the banks and in the quieter waters.

These constitute an eye-sore and tend to become breeding places for disease and pests. With the coming of heavy rains and melting snow, the stream overflows its banks and in its newfound it sweeps a layer of enriched soil upon the flooded fields along its banks.

The seasonal floods are pictures in nature of the cleansing waters of the Holy Spirit that floods our soul with the blessings of grace and mercy from and washes away the pollutions of the world from our soul and blesses our communities with new spiritual life and vigor. However, unlike the stream, we can say "no" to God and the silt and pollution of the world will continue to collect in our life to poison our influence and make us a blight instead of a blessing to God and His Kingdom.

Lent and or study of the Holy Spirit is a good time for our people to open their heart to God and invite Heavenly Flood of the Holy Spirit to enter and cleanse us from all the filthiness of the flesh, purify our life, and make us a blessing to others and to our Christ. May God grant us open, receptive, and yearning hearts for the cleansing flood of Pentecost.. AMEN.

February 4, 1975

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