The Wise and the Fools


In Proverbs 1:7 is the verse, ďThe fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.Ē 

The bible actually calls those that despise wisdom and instruction, fools. One might say that in America, at least in the United States, education is exalted above all other things. So, we might assume that we Americans are not the fools described in this verse. NOT. 

The wisdom and instruction despised here is wisdom and instruction that acknowledge God and Godís word. The wisdom of the word and instruction in the ways of God are what the writer is speaking of. The fear of God, which is the respect for Godís word, and fear of breaking that word is the beginning of knowledge. Without the fear of God there is no true knowledge. So this verse describes our higher education in the United States and that is why we are graduating masses of students that know nothing. Our higher liberal education denies the existence of God. If there is no god in their minds then how can they fear Him or fear breaking His law? This is why we have rebellion among the youth and a disrespect for the government. "No fear of God in their eyes", describes condition of our country today. Abortion is not considered wrong because if we are not created in the image of a divine God then we are just passing through evolved from a mass of nothing. If God didnít create us male and female to marry and bear children then homosexuality is just another part of evolution from a mass of nothing so nothing is right and nothing is wrong. 

So where do we get the laws to live by if there is no God? Where do we get civilization and a conscience that knows right from wrong? Without God we are like a mass of hopeless creatures suspended in space ready to die and be gone forever. 

Iím so glad that it is not that way. Iím so glad there is a God who created us and designed us perfectly. Unless there is a birth defect or disease that interferes with Godís perfection, we have two perfect eyes, two ears, one mouth, kidneys, a heart, blood vessels, and a body with all kinds of different systems working together for the purpose to give us life. Evolution, chance, and something like that from nothing? I donít think so. The very thought seems very silly. Yet something happened to this perfect human body. The body dies. Unless disease or an accident occurs beforehand, the body dies when it gets old. So, what is the point of it all? What do we have to live for and hope for? The answer is eternal life. 

Eternal life is what God meant for all to have. He created two perfect human beings. He told them to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. God gave them a beautiful garden for them to live in. God gave them a free will to choose right from wrong. God told them to eat all the fruit and trees that wanted to eat accept one. That one was sort of a test to see if these creatures would love Him enough to obey His voice or prefer to do their own thing and live their own life. They were not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We today still have choices and a freewill. We can choose Godís way or our own way. There was an evil one nearby who was very jealous and hated Godís new creation. He wanted to destroy what God made. He wanted these new creatures to end up where he was ending up, in a place called hell that was made for the devil and the devilís followers. Adam and Eve chose to listen to the wicked one and disobeyed God. In doing so sin and death came upon all human beings from that point onward. In a way this was Godís mercy. If God had not have done that, human suffering would never end. Physical death brings an end to suffering in the body. However, the soul and spirit do not die at death. They go to a place to await the final judgment of God for what they did in their lifetime. If sin is in a soul at the point of death, the soul goes to hell to wait until the judgment day. If the soul is sinless, the soul goes to heaven at the point of death. Since we cannot get rid of sin ourselves a sacrifice was provided. This sacrifice was someone that had never sinned yet died for the penalty of sin. This sinless oneís death could pay for the salvation of all who would believe in the sinless one and accept Him as Lord. This person was Jesus Christ. 

Since the beginning of creation Satan has tried to destroy what God created. He tried to get each person to sin and be cursed by the penalty of the law, which says, ďThe soul that sins shall die.Ē Satan really wants to wipe out the human race. Homosexuality is one way that he tries to do this. Sin is a weakness that we all are born with. Some of us are subject to one type of weakness and some of us have other types. Our heredity has something to do with this. Satan brought in homosexuality to defile human beings. If he could get everyone consumed with this, the human race would die out and the plan of God for us would be defeated. When homosexuals say they were born that way, some of them may be right. They may have been born with that type of tendency. If they give into that temptation, it will destroy them. The bible says clearly that their bodies will suffer from that type of sin. When they say that God created them that way though, the answer to that is no- He did not. God did not create some heterosexual and some homosexual. God created us in the beginning perfect. Man and woman. Sin is what caused us to leave our original purpose and do what is right in our own eyes instead of what is right in Godís eyes. 

This is why Jesus came to us to deliver us from sin. All sin. There is nothing that we cannot overcome through the power of Jesus Christ. That is the sole reason Jesus died for our sins. To take them away when we believe in Him. When we believe, He sends His Holy Spirit to give us power over sin. This is what being born again means. We are actually born again by the spirit of God. Old things have passed away and all things become new. 

Another way Satan has planned to wipe out our population is abortion. The thought is to have fun, enjoy life, live carefree, donít work, play, live off the government, let someone else foot the bill, eat, drink be merry. If women accidentally get pregnant, just kill the baby. Then she can be free to eat, drink and be merry again. She can then have no responsibility and avoid getting tied down with an infant. Satan is behind the abortion industry to steal, kill and destroy just like he planned from the beginning when his envy caused him to deceive Eve and lure Adam into disobeying the word of God. 

To try to stop the coming savior and the plan of salvation Satan has tried to wipe out Godís chosen people who were to bring salvation to the entire world. Through the order of pharaoh all male children were slain in the days of Moses. He even tried to kill Christ Himself by stirring up jealousy in King Herod to slay again all male children under two years old. 

Since the Jewish people did not recognize their Messiah and rejected Him, the hand of protection was removed from them and they were scattered all over the earth until 1948. They suffered persecution from many nations. Anti-Semitism is the result of hatred stirred up by Satan for any of Godís people. Yet we know from scripture that God will bring the Jewish people back to Him in the latter days. The plan of God will not be thwarted. Persecution of true believers in Jesus Christ is also Satanís hatred toward Godís children. Because of Jesus all who believe enter the vine of Israel. We inherit what God promised to them by faith in, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

Now we see Satan still at work through higher education and the opposition of science. In the name of science, the teaching of evolution, liberalism and secular humanism is taught in our colleges and universities all across the United States. It will eventually destroy our country if we donít have a great repentance and a turning to God in our country. We badly need help in the United States. The richest most powerful country in the world will lose its place, lose its power and maybe even be totally destroyed if we donít repent and turn back to the God. 

Are we going to be fools and despise true knowledge or wise and hear His instruction?



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