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A Woman Rides the Beast

By Dave Hunt

A Woman Rides the Beast is a non-fiction book about the Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days.  The book is very well researched and the author documents every accusation and statement he makes.  He covers church history, especially the Catholic Church history very thoroughly.  Whether one disagrees with him about the nature of the woman who is riding the beast in Revelation, we have to admit after reading the book that the church described in the book left the authority of the scriptures far behind centuries ago.  

Dave Hunt believes as did many before him that the Roman Catholic Church represents the Woman riding the beast in Revelation 17:3.  Some modern bible teachers have changed their minds about this woman and have attributed her to another apostate religious system.  Some believe her to be New Age, Muslim or a future religious system which kills true believers in Jesus Christ.  Whoever she is, it is called a great whore, Mystery Babylon and the mother of harlots.  This woman is the cause of great persecution and is drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

So any great religious group who kills those that oppose it, could be either the woman or be part of the group that comprises this woman or whore of Babylon.  The Catholic Church described in this book certainly fills the description but one must look up all facts and do extensive research to make sure.  The book is controversial and many call it anti-Catholic and a cause for division instead of unity.

Dave Hunt warns against false unity and forsaking the authority of scriptures and sound doctrine to have unity.  True unity is done by the Holy Spirit and is unity in the spirit and in truth.  He further warns against the ecumenical movement, the movement of evangelical and Catholics together, the World Council of Churches and other groups attempting to unite the church at the expense of the sound doctrine of the bible. 

I personally think the book is excellent and that the church whether Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal or any other should examine its teachings by the bible and see if it fits the description of the woman who rides the beast.  If we truly love truth and love God, we truly would not want to be part of any church that persecutes Jews, Muslims, or Christians who believe different than we do.  Persecution is treating people of different faith like they are unworthy of the protection of the law, depriving them of the right to pursue happiness or threatening them with torture, death or confiscating their personal property if they disagree with the established religion of the land they live in.  Persecution is not disagreeing with, speaking out against any false teaching or proclaiming the gospel.  We need to know the difference.  I believe this book will help us to discern the truth and avoid apostasy. If we are part of any religion that harms those that believe different, we need to get out of it and find out what the will of God really is.  Is it spreading the gospel that will save the lost and bring believers into eternal life or is it killing all who oppose what our church teaches? 

If we are Christians who believe in the bible as the word of God, we need to examine our church teachings and compare them to the word of God.  Naturally any church who has forsaken the authority of scriptures and have substituted doctrines of man, must be forsaken if they will not change or repent.  If we hold the bible as the final authority we must we willing to stand up for it against false teaching that adds to or subtracts from the bible.  Dave Hunt has proven in this book that the Catholic Church has forsaken the original word of God and has substituted many doctrines, laws and rituals that have no scriptural basis. 

My own personal opinion of the book is that it is a must read for anyone who desires to examine their churches teachings in light of the scripture.  I personally do not agree that we need to all join in unity into one big organization with one leader to spread the gospel.  Why not have many small churches all over the world? If we all join into one there is a big temptation to rule the governments also.  This has been tried before and failed miserably with the blood of many innocent people as a result.  Dave Hunt documents this in this book.  I believe in unity in the spirit and in truth but not in joining into one organization that becomes a big political force.  When we get too big we become lifted up in pride and start to persecute the little guy who disagrees. 

I understand the temptation to do this.  We get tired of being in the minority.  We get tired of abortion, taking God out of schools, we get tired of persecution and fighting with denominations and consigning each other to hell.  I don't want to go back to the way it use to be with all of us suspicious of one another.  I am Pentecostal and I know how our churches use to be ridiculed by the mainstream denominations.  It is much easier to be Pentecostal today when we are accepted.  That part is good. It is good to love one another and accept each other as believers but not to the point of forsaking the truth of God's word.  Those that gave their lives down through the years for printing the bible so that all could read and understand should not have died in vain.  God brought this to us so that we should not be deceived.  Jesus Himself warned of deception in the last days.  Paul warns us of grievous wolves entering into the flock to deceive.  I realize that we may accuse the wrong ones of being the heretics at times but we have the word of God to judge heretics by.  If we discover a heretic, we are to speak out against error but never does God give the church any permission to torture, kill and harm a heretic.  Never should we substitute church tradition for the word of God or attribute any mere man or woman to the office of priest, pope or minister to equal Jesus Christ or be made infallible as Jesus Christ is. 

Jesus taught humility, love and being servants of one another.  He did not teach us to make certain people great in power without restrain or accountability.  Dave Hunt's book brings out many things we need to be concerned about.  I didn't see his book as anti-Catholic at all but anti-false religion. 

I'm not absolutely sure the Catholic Church is the woman on the beast but the book did influence me to lean in that direction.  I'm keeping an open mind on that subject just in case it turns out to be something far worse.  I encourage all who read this book review to study the book for themselves and come to their own conclusion.  I tend to believe that Dave Hunt would prefer us to do that than just to take his word. 

I don't know Dave Hunt personally and do not belong to the same denomination that he does.  I have read other books by him.  One of those was the Seduction of Christianity.  I do not see him as one who wants division but as one who desires the the church return to the sound doctrine that is taught in the scriptures.  I believe his motives are pure.  I too would rather have division than to join in a false religious system that forsakes truth to get bring everyone into its umbrella of power.

I will add personally that I have written many articles to newspapers against the evil of abortion and that the Catholics have always giving me great support and I appreciate their stand for the right to life.  I am not anti-Catholic.  I love Catholics but I love the word of God more.  If my own denomination forsakes the word of God, joins the ecumenical movement or any organization that forsakes truth for unity and political power, I will leave my own denomination. So I'm not against Catholics but against my own church if it forsakes the truth written in the word of God which I believe is the bible.  I prefer the King James version at this point in time.  I have not yet seen one to equal it in the English language.  I do not understand any other language although I would love to learn Hebrew and Greek.  I do not hold any church, denomination or organization above the authority of God's written word.   


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