Aracoma Church of God

This is the Aracoma Church of God located in Aracoma, Logan Co. West Virginia.  
They built a new church back in the late 50's or early 60's.   
 It is now the West Logan Church of God. (below) 
 I never could figure out how they built buildings on the side of a hill like that. 


Newer West Logan Church of God (former Aracoma Church of God)

church2.jpg (65517 bytes)

Church of God in West Logan West Virginia, Organized in 1917, Dedicated in 1962.   My dad, Thomas Orville Hill, said that the church first started in a little building on the river bank in Aracoma, which is down the road a piece from West Logan.   From there with the help of a man called Ransome Richards and others whom I don't have names for, a newer building was built on the side of the hill also in Aracoma.   Later the church was built and dedicated in 1962 in West Logan, West Virginia.   The West Logan picture was taken by me, Dorna Chambers on July 24, 1998.  I do not know who took the original picture of the Aracoma Church.

What's Left of the Aracoma Church Building

burned.jpg (60615 bytes)

Across the street and up the hill is part of the red brick from the Aracoma church.   I was told that it had burned down about 6 months before this photo was taken.    This picture was taken July 24, 1998.   At least one life was lost as a result of this fire. Four members of one family that lived in the home next to the church were killed that night. Only two escaped with their lives.

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